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Cheap Family Vacations in Israel

While there are great many ways to enjoy your vacation in Israel, when it comes to traveling with your family there are some budget oriented consideration that need to be taken into account. This article will explore a few ways to control your budget yet make sure you are having a wonderful time with your family.

Try to book your flights online

While this might not be an easy task, booking your flight tickets online might save you big money. Most of the flight couriers to Israel have online ticket sales, and the prices are always cheaper than the ones you get via your local travel agencies.

Summer times

Israel is a hot and sunny place; if possible you should aim your vacation to summer times. You will be happy to find out that there are many free attractions in Israel, and beautiful open and free sunny beaches in Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Natanya, or any other Israeli city next to the Mediterranean sea. Spending some time with your family on the beach bringing your own food can be an unforgettable vacation with some really magical moments for you and your family.

Reunite with your lost relatives

the number one secret to cheap family vacations is to be opportunistic. If your family or friend offers you the use of their house, there is your family vacation. If your relatives have a place you can stay in – grab this opportunity. You will find out that Israeli people usually give a warm welcome, and living under the same roof with your family could be even a better solution than staying at hotels

Drink Water

Israeli climate is hot, sometimes it could be very hot and you and your family will need to drink a lot – all day long. You could save a lot of money by drinking just water and not any sodas or juice. You can drink tap water anywhere in Israel with no fear, or if you prefer mineral water just buy a case of bottles in a grocery store or gas station and make sure to hang around with it all day, it will save you a fortune.

Camping Vacations

if your family is willing to live in tents for a few days, camping is the cheapest family vacation. There are many camping sites in Israel to camp at, some of them are even free sites to camp at, or will cost you about 25-40 NIS a person and will provide you with all the mandatory facilities like warm showers, restrooms, and some cocking facilities. Most of the camping sites will offer you breakfast as well, and bringing your own tent is not a must as many camp sites have big public “Bedwian” tents – an experience to the family for itself.

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